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45-Pound Tarpon Travels Over 400 Miles in a Month

A fish tagged in the Florida Keys was reported off Port Orange, in northeast Florida, less than a month later.

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust began to acoustically tag tarpon this past May in an effort to expand on knowledge of tarpon habitat use and movement at different life stages. We just received report of the first tarpon detection from BTT’s acoustic tarpon tagging program, and it has provided fascinating new insight on tarpon movement.

Helios is an approximately 45-pound tarpon sponsored by Perk Perkins, CEO of The Orvis Company. It was caught on a live crab and tagged in late May in the Lower Florida Keys by BTT scientists from UMass Amherst and Carleton University, and was the second fish ever tagged as part of the program.

This underscores the importance of acoustic tagging to provide new insight into tarpon movement and habitat use during different life stages, and will provide information that is critical to BTT’s conservation efforts. Stay tuned for more recaptures and fascinating new insights on these amazing creatures;

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Tarpon Ruler

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This is the original Tarpon ruler. The perfect companion for the Tarpon angler.

  • DIMENSIONS – the Tarpon ruler is 2″ wide x 90″ long and can record Tarpon up to 250 lbs.
  • ACCURATE – Each ruler is made of PVC vinyl which is dimensionally stable and flexible.
  • FISH SCALE – A bonus feature is the patented weight estimation based on the growth scale for Tarpon. No other ruler offers this innovation.
  • VIVID COLORS – our award winning graphic design offers fisherman the quickest ruler measurement, highest fin to ruler contrast and the best option for catch, photo and release.
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to use
  • Includes current regulations
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  • In-water Tarpon ruler
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Estimating Tarpon weight has never been easier using the Original Tarpon Ruler. The ruler measure 2″ x 90″ and is made from a durable waterproof PVC coated vinyl and is easily rolled up and stowed. Simply lay the ruler across the tip of snout and identify the fork tail measurement. That measurement will provide and estimated weight range. If you want to get the weight within a 3-5% probability, simply measure the dorsal girth. Utilizing the modified Babcock 1936 formula(Length x Girth(2)/800= weight and then adding 13% to the overall calculation, you can identify your Tarpon weight. The ruler is a must have for the Tarpon enthusiast. Keep it as a personal Tarpon log for your biggest catch, your first catch or to simply measure a trophy fish for the taxidermist. Also comes with the HUGE zone for that once in a lifetime fish. 2 x 90-inches. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. For comments or questions send an e-mail to:

1 review for Tarpon Ruler

  1. Dave Aldous (verified owner)

    A solid product that can provide very accurate weight estimation if you follow the directions for additional girth measurement. I have found that storing this loooong ruler in its original packaging is helpful with storing it in your boat. Because I lay this over top of tarpon I chose to trim the green tab off at the zero mark for easier, accurate measurements while minimizing the time at the side of the boat for the fish. This trimming of the ruler is unnecessary in my opinion for other release rulers such the one for bonefish. Ultimately its your call, but for me its been helpful.

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