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The original Bonefish ruler by Release Ruler is the highest quality ruler on the market today.

    • PORTABLE – This Bonefish ruler is lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Put it in your backpack or stow it in a boat compartment. Roll up it up and use it when needed.
    • ACCURATE – The PVC vinyl material is dimensionally stable for accurate measurements.
    • FISH SCALE – A bonus feature on our rulers is the patented weight estimation based on the growth scale for Bonefish. No other ruler offers this innovation.
    • VIVID COLORS – our award winning graphic design offers fisherman the quickest ruler measurement, highest fin to ruler contrast and the best option for catch, photo and release.
    • Perfect Fishermans Gift
    • Made in the USA
    • 2 x 36-inches
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


bonefish-release ruler_fishingThe Bonefish ruler by Release Ruler is the perfect fishing companion for any angler who targets the elusive bonefish. Easy to read contrasting color combinations were designed with photo and quick release in mind. Don’t have a scale handy? The species specific ruler will allow you to measure, remember and release your trophy catch. Stop guessing! Each ruler is made from a durable PVC to lay flat on the deck and easily rolled up for storage. The Bonefish Ruler measures 2” x 36”.


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1 review for Bonefish Ruler

  1. Dave Aldous

    A durable ruler that I always keep in my boat. One nice feature that I like is that I can measure and estimate the weight of a bonefish without taking it out of the water and over stressing the fish before its release. This product is a ‘must have’ for the serious bonefish angler who also cares about the future of the fishery.

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