release-ruler-headrThe Idea

As an avid offshore/inshore fisherman and publisher of a sportfishing magazine, I see plenty of photos of fish from all over the world on a daily basis. Over the years, I have seen some unbelievable catches, especially the large ‘grander-size’ marlin that may weigh close to, or exceed, the magical 1,000-pound mark. Some of the fish are hanging from a scale and others were action shots of marlin being brought alongside the boat. Of the live action shots, I’ve always wondered if a measuring device could be developed which could be used to both determine the estimated weight of a marlin based solely on length and at the same time easily estimate a grander size marlin and eliminate the need to kill one just for verification. I embarked on a mission to see if such a measuring device could be designed and receive the approval of the top crews in the world.

My initial research began with tournament harvest data dating as far back as the early 1980s. Next, I researched world record data from the International Game Fish Association. Once my data was input into a simple graph, I started to see a correlation of weight ranges for the different sizes of marlin.

My next step, involved interviewing veteran anglers and professional crews for data on blue marlin they had personally harvested. Not surprising, most everyone I asked knew the LJFL(Lower Jaw Fork Length)measurement of each fish they had harvested. I also asked most of them about the LJFL measurement of a grander-sized marlin. Almost unanimously, the 132-inch LJFL measurement became the professional crew members Holy Grail for a “grander” length blue marlin. My final research concluded cross-referencing scientific data with my real world research and the Marlin Ruler was born.

Today our product line continues to grow to include almost all gamefish. Our goals are many including reducing gamefish mortality with safe release practices and providing state of the art weight estimating rulers for future generations of fish and fisherman.

We also provide release tournament ruler solutions for recreational fishing. Ask us about a custom Release Ruler.

Fish, Measure, Release!

Captain Dale E Wills

Chief Fishing Officer