Release Ruler Black & Blue Marlin belt.

Black & Blue Marlin Release Ruler Belt


The original Marlin Ruler belt designed by InTheBite Sportfishing publisher Dale Wills


Marlin Release Ruler Belt

Premium Waterproof Release Ruler Fishing Belts combine fishing with function in a truly unique style. Show off your true passion.

  • SIZE – Release Ruler Premium Belts fits most waist sizes up to 45”. Cut-to-size for the perfect fitting belt.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Belts are made of high-grade, 100% Recyclable Thermoplastic. The same material used in Snowmobile tread. Designed to last a lifetime
  • WATERPROOF- Perfect for fishing and anything else nature throws at you. Never gets damp or absorbs water.
  • DURABLE – Hang your pliers and release tools right on the belt. It will not damage.
  • RULER- Never be without a true-to-scale ruler. You’ll wear it every time you fish and more.
  • HUGE- The 20-inch HUGE indicator lets you know you have that once in a lifetime fish if the base of the tail girth measures there.
  • CALCULATE MARLIN WEIGHT – Lower Jaw Fork Length Weight(LJFL) estimating scale helps you do the math on the ride to the scale.
  • EDUCATIONAL- Biological fin explanations



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