Original Tarpon Release Ruler


Estimating  Tarpon weight has never been easier using the Original Tarpon Release Ruler. The ruler measure 2″ x 90″ and is made from a durable waterproof PVC coated vinyl. With new regulations prohibiting taking tarpon out of the water, the Release Ruler is the perfect tool to weigh your Tarpon quick and easy. Simply lay the ruler across the tip of snout and identify the fork in tail measurement. That measurement will provide and estimated weight range. If you want to get the weight within a 3-5% probability, simply measure the dorsal girth. Utilizing the modified Babcock 1936 formula(Length x Girth(2)/800= weight and then adding 13% to the overall calculation, you can identify your Tarpon weight. The ruler is a must have for the Tarpon enthusiast. Keep it as a personal Tarpon log for your biggest catch, your first catch or to simply measure a trophy fish for the taxidermist.

rlr_tarpon_rlr2013a (click to enlarge) Sugg. Retail $34.99

Tarpon Release Ruler identifies a Dorsal Girth Range of a 200 lb. Tarpon


Tarpon Release Ruler identifies where Tarpon typically reach maturity


The Tarpon Release Ruler provides easy to identify weight ranges







Tarpon Ruler
Tarpon Ruler