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Release Ruler Solutions

Growth Chart Fish Rulers

Correctly estimating the weight of a gamefish that’s intended for release has always been a guessing game for anglers—it usually takes years, if not decades of experience to even come close. Plus-why kill a fish just to weigh it?

Release Ruler has revolutionized the way we estimate the weight of released gamefish. The Patented concept is based on scientific information. And while there are short fat fish and long lean fish, it’s a proven method to offer a very close estimate based on the law of statistical averages. Essentially each ruler resembles a growth chart for fish.

The New Release Ruler is made of a durable pvc material making it easy to stream alongside a fish prior to its release and allow you to leave it in its environment. The brightly colored graphics represent a range of weights—simply hold the Release Ruler to the tip of the fish’s jaw and measure to the tail for a surprisingly accurate determination of its weight. The Release Ruler also shows up very well in both still photography and video making it perfect for documenting.

Release Rulers are available for a wide variety of both inshore and offshore species and it is our goal to one day offer you any species of fish you desire. Our current list includes all marlin species, sailfish, tarpon, snook, mako shark, striped bass and many others. If you don’t see it here just ask us:

We offer customized fishing rulers and will put our team up to most any fish ruler challenge you are facing. Feature your boat, team, tournament or fishing club and see how your members react with a unique and memorable gift. Would you like to raise money for your favorite charity and at the same time promote conservation? Talk to our team today- we fish and can show you how.

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Sample Mako Release Ruler