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Quick Tips For a Healthier Largemouth Bass Release

nick_bass2_c A great article from the Fishing Wire about keeping your bass healthy includes:

Quick Tips:
“Waters offers anglers other tips to keep a largemouth bass alive:

Wet your hands before you touch a fish;
Return the fish quickly to the water if you do not plan to keep it or place it in a livewell; and,
Use a knotless nylon or rubber-coated net instead of a knotted nylon net.

Anglers participating in fishing tournaments can minimize fish mortality by maintaining healthy oxygen and water quality in their livewells. A few ways to do this are:

Knowing the capacity of the livewell and not exceeding a ratio of more than 1 pound of bass per gallon of water;
Running a recirculating pump continuously if more than 5 pounds of bass are in the livewell;
Using aerators or oxygen-injection systems to keep the water’s oxygen level above 5 parts per million (ppm); and
Keeping livewell water about 5 degrees below the reservoir or river temperature by adding block ice.”

Read the Full Article: Keep Bass Alive in Summer with These Tips – Click Here

largemouth bass ruler

Largemouth Bass Ruler: Wide Series


The original Largemouth Bass: Wide Series ruler is the highest quality ruler on the market today. The Wide Series is the super 3-inch wide x 30-inch long ruler for those of you who like a little more ruler under your fish.

  • PORTABLE – The Largemouth Bass ruler is lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Put it in your backpack or stow it in a boat compartment. Roll up it up and use when needed.
  • ACCURATE – Our UV coated printing process produces true to scale rulers. The PVC vinyl material is dimensionally stable unlike other  cheaply made rulers which are not accurate.
  • FISH SCALE – A bonus feature on our rulers is the patented weight estimation based on the growth scale for bass. No other ruler offers this innovation.
  • HUGE – The HUGE ZONE is the holy grail for a really big bass. It’s what fishing dreams are made of.
  • VIVID COLORS – our award winning graphic design offers fisherman the quickest ruler measurement, highest fin to ruler contrast and the best option for catch, photo and release.
  • Perfect Fishermans Gift
  • Made in USA
  • 3 x 32-inches
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Largemouth Bass Ruler – Wide Series by Release Ruler is similar to our other Bass Ruler but the Pro Series is 3-inches wide. The Wide Series is designed with contrasting color combinations to provide accurate, easily readable measurements. As a bonus you get the patented length based weight scale and the ultimate HUGE zone. The ruler is durable PVC coated vinyl designed to stand up to the toughest conditions. The Largemouth Bass Pro Series Ruler measures 3” x 32″. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Don’t tell a fish story about your big trophy bass- show your friends and family a Release Ruler fish story. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. E-mail us with any questions-

ICAST 2015 New Product Showcase Winner – FishSmart Category




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8 Tips About Fishing For Beginners

If you are new to the sport of fishing, here are some of the basic rules of fishing. Like other forms of hunting, fishing involves both your environment and those around you. Be respectful of every one and every thing. You can responsibly enjoy this treasured pastime in several ways.

Fishing is an ancient practice. It dates back nearly 10,000 years. A number of various techniques and traditions have been used during fishing’s progression. Modern technological developments have changed the way people fish, but many of the same rules, regulations, and social norms involving fishing remain.

Always practice good stewardship of our waterways when you are fishing. Remember that these waterways were around thousands of years before you and will remain long after we are gone. You can make a conscious decision to leave the areas in which people fish in better condition than when you found it. Take care of our lakes, rivers, and other waterways so that others will enjoy these areas for years to come. Practicing certain behaviors will ensure that you are taking good care of the places where people fish.

Never litter when you are fishing. Always bring a trash bag or other receptacle to use for the collection of your trash. You can easily deposit it in a nearby trash receptacle, or hen you return to the dock. Dump your refuse in properly assigned dumping stations instead of tossing it in the water. You do not need to spend much time figuring out the many ways in which this hurts the environment.

As you fish, always use the correct type of bait and fishing gear. Certain areas allow for certain bait and gear. You will also encounter limits on the number, size, and kind of fish that you can keep. Become familiar with what these limits are and pay attention to them. Your local tackle store is a great resource for what’s biting, and what the fish are biting. Do not wait until you are at your fishing spot to search for what is allowed and what is not. Check with your destination before you head out on your fishing trip to see what the local regulations allow. If you plan on using a boat while fishing, research to see what kinds of watercraft are allowed where you are going to fish.

Every fishing location is different, so pay special attention to local procedures and cautions. This also applies when you decide to clean your boat after you leave the water. You do not want to spread non-native species to another body of water.

Never fish where it is not permitted. There is always a reason why it is illegal. Some reasons include the protection of certain wildlife, the proper care of vegetation, and the safety of you and others who want to fish. Follow the law.

Follow a number of cautionary behaviors to ensure your safety. As with all forms of hunting, safety is first. If you will be using a boat while you fish, always bring life jackets, water, and other necessities. Make sure that your passengers are aware of boating and water safety. Make sure that you never fish on unauthorized waterways. Follow the posted speed limits and wake warnings that accompany the use of a boat. Bring with you all relevant safety items, such as water, flashlights, maps, and a cell phone.

Fishing continues to be a favorite pastime. 2001 saw nearly 16% of the U.S. population over the age of 16 spend 16 days fishing. You enjoy the sport of fishing, so follow the rules that allow for the continuation of fishing. Be responsible and courteous of others and your environment. Take time to discover how you can be both a better and safer angler by having our patented Release Ruler as part of your fishing arsenal.

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4 Tips To Help Plan Your Next Fishing Vacation

Fishing while on vacation is a popular activity. Some vacationers travel with the sole purpose of landing that trophy fish. Others see it as a bonding experience. Whether you are a fisherman with the dreams to fish all over the globe or just want to have fun activity while on a relaxing vacation, there are a few things you should look into before taking that first cast.

  1. You should do a little research on the area you will be vacationing. There are forums and websites dedicated to just about every fishable area. These forums are loaded with useful information on where to go, what to use as bait, and how to use it.   You will also get a good idea of what species of fish you should target along with the difficulty of catching that species.
  2. You should decide on whether your fishing is a do it yourself excursion or guided adventure. There are a lot of factors when making this decision. You should fall back on how successful you want your trip to be.   Usually a guided trips are always productive. Guides have the knowledge and expertise to produce for their client’s day in and day out. So there is a good probability that you will catch your target fish. Do it yourself fishing, in areas that are uncommon to a fisherman tend to be less successful than a guided fishing trip. That being said, when a do it yourself fishing adventure is successful there is no better feeling. Most do it yourself fisherman start with a guided trip to gain general and local knowledge of the area.
  3. When choosing a guide, take the time and call the area bait shops and get the names of all the local recommended captains for the area that you will be visiting. Then do some research and you will realize that all captains have their specialties. With a little bit of information you can choose a captain that would best fit your expectations of your fishing trip.
  4. Now that you have chosen the captain for your trip, the real fun starts. From the first time you step foot on the boat to the moment you say your goodbyes it is a learning experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like regulations and patterns of the fish. Also observe how the guide handles the fish and approach to catching the fish. The more that you take away from your guided fishing trip the closer you are to being able to do it yourself.

A successful fishing trip is always a positive addition to a vacation. Whether you looking for a trophy or a relaxing time on the water there are many options to consider. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and the ones around you.