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Do I need a license to fish?

Fishing is just one of the many forms of relaxation people do these days with friends and family, and often while on vacation. It is a time for bonding and a great escape from the pressures of daily life.

If you are planning to fish, please check and follow local laws and regulations. Obtain the proper licenses, and always ask if you aren’t sure. Requirements by law and the regulations regarding fishing varies from one state to the other.

In some states, 2 licenses are needed. One is called the Conservation license which is a prerequisite before one can obtain a fishing license.

Getting a license to fish is quite different from the time a person needs to get a drivers license. You do not have to take an exam or attend classes.

The fishing license allows a person to fish or possess any aquatic creature as long as it is authorized by the states fishing regulations. This license is neither non-transferable nor non-refundable and is usually only valid for one year or season. Lifetime licenses can also be bought in some states.

Since fishing licenses vary from state to state, a fishing license can either be a resident license or a non-resident license. For one to qualify for a resident license, that person usually must have resided in that certain location for a period of time such as 6 months, should be a local tax payer, must be a registered voter, purchased a vehicle and have a valid drivers issued from that state. In addition, one must not possess or apply for any resident hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges in another state or country.

There is no age limit for anyone to acquire a fishing license. People both young and old can obtain it, and if you are a senior citizen, discounts might pply for you. Usually a person who is below 11 years of age can get a fishing license for free. People who are older than that have to pay a certain fee to acquire it.

With your fishing license, you can now just grab the proper gear and start having some fun being close with nature.

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