2018 HUGE Bass Championship – Replacement Rulers


 2018 HUGE BASS Championship is Currently underway.  

First Round Begins August 21, 2018 and ends November 12, 2018.  Get signed up to insure that you have a spot in this years tournament.

The HUGE Bass Championship is a head to head, bracket style fishing tournament. Because anglers are connected via social media, and there is no central weigh in location- the fishing is open to anyone, fishing from anywhere—boat, shore, lake, pond, river—using live bait or artificial.  The goal is to catch, video, measure and release– the longest bass wins. All fish are measured on the custom tournament ruler–there is nothing else like it.


Replacement Ruler – $12.00

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First Round Begins August 21, 2018 and ends November 12, 2018.

Round 1 – August 21 through September 3
Round 2 – September 4 through September 17
Round 3 – September 18 through October 1
Round 4 – October 2 through October 15
Round 5 – October 15 through October 29
Round 6 – October 30 through November 12


Replacement Ruler- $12.00

Bracket Payouts

Payout  1st Place – $1000.00, 2nd Place – $500 Cash & Prizes, 3rd Place- $250 in prizes

Fishing Award Categories

The following Award Categories can be won for the duration of the tournament regardless of bracket standings (eliminated or not)

  • Longest Bass Per Round – Must not be eliminated from Bracket
  • Most Bass Caught per Round – Must not be eliminated from Bracket
  • Longest Bass Overall – Bracket Status does not matter.
  • Most Bass Caught Overall – Bracket status does not matter.
  • Longest combined 3 fish – Bracket Status does not matter.
  • HUGE Bass – A Bass Measured in the Yamaha HUGE section- Bracket status does not matter
  • WEE – HUGE Bass- Smallest Bass – Bracket status does not matter

To call for questions or help please e-mail nick@releaseruler.com or phone 561-529-3941.

Download the 2017 Rules – subject to change 

Please join our tournament facebook group.  This is a direct link to all the information and tournament updates.

Facebook HUGE Bass Championship Group

In the inaugural 2017 HUGE Bass Championship, a full bracket of 64 anglers submitted 478 bass. The average fish was an impressive 19.66”. The longest bass was a 27.25” lunker caught in Trading House Creek in East Texas. The longest three bass measured 73”, caught in Palm Beach County, Florida. While these numbers themselves are interesting, consider the marketing and branding profile associated.

The tournament is the most geographically expansive bass tournament there is. 2017 Championship anglers came from Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Illinois, California, Georgia, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New York, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Ontario, Canada. The tournament consists of 12, two week rounds—84 days of continuous fishing action. The 478 submitted fish were all filmed and uploaded—hashtagging sponsors.


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