Black blue marlin weight estimating release ruler fish

Blue & Black Marlin Release Ruler (Metric)


  • Never guess weight again
  • Record Marlin up 1000 lbs.
  • Measure Tournament Minimums
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty long lasting
  • Over 5000 Marlin Sample
  • Endorsed by The Billfish Foundation



Through years of scientific research and historical harvest data the Marlin Release Ruler is designed to help you obtain the average weight based on length. Created for catch and release and minimum tournament regulations, simply place the Release Ruler over the lower jaw region of your marlin and read the graphic at the tail fork. The Release Ruler is heavy duty water resistant material and will last for years. The Release Ruler also makes an excellent non corrosive water resistant boat ruler. Tagging fisherman will love getting a more realistic measurement versus guessing. A portion of the proceeds benefit The Billfish Foundation. Eliminate the need to harvest a marlin for the sake of weight! Use a patented Release Ruler today.




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