Atlantic Sailfish Release Ruler


  • Never guess weight again
  • Catch, Measure and Release
  • Ensure accurate Tag length
  • Endorsed by The Billfish Foundation
  • Made in the USA


Have you ever wondered what the weight of your sailfish really is? Never guess again, estimating Atlantic Sailfish weight has never been easier using the Original Sailfish Release Ruler.  The Atlantic Sailfish Release Ruler measures 2″ x 86″ inches and measure up to a 100 lb Sailfish. The combination Atlantic and Pacific Sailfish Release Ruler measure 2″ x 110″ inches and up to 180 lb Sailfish. Simply lay the ruler alongside the sailfish in the water and identify the contrasting color grid of the fork length. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to obtain the length and average weight of your prized catch. The Atlantic Sailfish Release Ruler is a must have for the spindle beak enthusiast. Use it as a log for your biggest catch, for tag card measurements, or to measure a trophy fish for the taxidermist.

Pacific Sailfish Release Ruler also available


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