Custom Release Rulers

We have the ability to custom design Release Rulers for your boat, tournament, charity, and business.


Since 2013 we have been custom designing fishing rulers for corporations and tournaments around the world. Marine conservation and more specifically catch and release has been a growing concern in protecting our valuable marine resources. You can hardly go fishing anywhere without being subject to regulations and minimums. Providing your guests or participants with a custom fishing ruler will continue to have an impact long after your event is over.

Custom Release Ruler Packages.

Package 1.  36” X 3” Ruler – 50 Rulers – $435.00

Package 2.  36” x 2” Ruler – 50 Rulers – $385.00

Package 3.  45” x 3” Ruler – 50 Rulers – $585.00

Package 4.  45” x 2” Ruler – 50 Rulers -$440.00

Release Ruler custom ruler packages includes 50 custom designed release rulers.  Rulers are printed on a UV resistant PVC.  Once a package is chosen, the ruler will be design to the specifications of the customer.  Once the ruler has been approved the print process begins.  This printing and shipping process takes 10-14 days from ruler approval.

Note: *Once a ruler package has been chosen, a 50% deposit is requested before the design phase begins.  When the custom ruler design has been approved then the remaining amount will be requested.  Shipping and Handling not include in package pricing.  Shipping will be decided by the customer prior to ruler approval.*

If your custom ruler needs is different that the packages above, please call 561-529-3941.  We can properly quote the custom ruler that you desire for your event.

The Release Ruler branded with our company logo has been a big hit. Not only was it used in the White Marlin Open, I saw several images on Facebook and Instagram where teams were using it for other tournaments.

Les Stewart Jr.
Contender Boats


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