Captain Dale Wills created the Release Ruler in 2013 with a desire to make the experience of game fishing more enjoyable for anglers who target specific species of fish. Growing up in South Florida, Wills understood the thrill of the bite and the growing popularity of catch and release.

Determining length and weight previously required a ruler and a scale. But a scale is not possible to use on larger gamefish and can harm the fish or even kill it if not used properly. With a commitment to reduce gamefish mortality through safe release practices, Wills knew there was a better way.

Developed using biological growth charts, the Release Ruler is the only measuring device that provides length and weight estimation based on the growth scale of the fish.

In 2013, Dale was granted a U.S. Patent for the Release Ruler, and two years later he won “Best FishSmart Product” at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) show for his largemouth bass ruler.

Today, our product line continues to grow with over 40 gamefish rulers for freshwater and saltwater species. Available in decals and PVC with vibrant color-coding, Release Ruler offers anglers the quickest ruler measurement, highest fin-to-ruler contrast, and the best option for catch and release.

Our decals use 3M adhesive backing for long-term durability with easy removal, sans surface residue. PVC vinyl rulers are dimensionally stable and flexible, ideal for below-water measuring.

We also provide release tournament ruler solutions for recreational fishing as well as custom-branded rulers.

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